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Hi Breeze, it was the vet who prescribed 100mg of Advil for Shadow (that comes in a childrens chewable). He said once a day, but I asked if I could give her more if she was bad in the evening and he said yes. BUT - he also put her on something to coat her stomach. She has to take this stuff (I have no idea what it is, it's white and creamy like a malox kinda thing) half an hour before she eats and gets meds. So I guess it's the stuff for her tummy that makes it okay to give her the Advil. Also, as we all know, Shadow doesn't really have a "long term" status right now to worry about what type of damage the drugs may do to her. So, for anybody who may just be reading through, I'd definitely be cautious and not just give your pet Advil without advice from your vet. I know none of the regulars here would, but you never know. Good question Breeze!
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