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Our Darling Clementine

1st off, very sorry to hear about your pup, Luna, 'Oh'...
Luna is our feline Queen's name! Sending healing vibes to her & hope she pulls through...
Little Clementine is pulling through & finally turning the corner towards becoming healthy! She is one tough little pup - that is for sure!
She has now been home for 4 days & getting stronger everyday. She is eating anything she can get her little paws on & beginning to have regular, normal BM's. She is still weak, probably operating @ about 50%, but we're seeing improvement & growth everyday - she is starting to show her personality, and I think she will be a handful when she completely recovers! She is now sleeping peacefully @ my retail store, her secondary infection medicine makes her drowsy, but tomorrow is the last day of pills - she will be happy w/ that, she does not like them at all & has been very clever about hiding them in her gums & spitting them out when I'm not looking!
Anyway, thank you so much to everyone once again for all of the well wishes & prayers - they most definitely made a difference!
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