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He thinks she is wonderful, DD, but I suppose he wishes he had the strength to keep up with her. For such a big, and sometimes clumsy girl, Zara is actually trying hard to be careful and avoid bumping into him. She seems to like him as much as he does her. Now I'm thinking that I might still have to get another ACD, as company for her after that dreadful day we have to say goodbye to him. She likes the shelties but could hurt them because of her size.

I can believe that our Autumn weather here would seem nice to tourists, they'd get a heck of a shock though if they arrived during a heatwave. I love all our seasons bar Summer, BUT in the paper today it says that the La Ninya weather pattern is still with us, which means a dry Spring(bad for farmers, and for grass for my sheep) and a wet Summer, which hopefully will mean no bushfires. Hope it's not that wet that we get a repeat of the floods though.
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