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I contacted Dr. Dodds and she said I've done all I can do and to let him go He still has SOOOOO much energy left and he did manage to stand and poop tonight I just can't help but feel like we can do more for him.. I'm not ready to give up. And at 3 am.. he's been talking to me for over 15 minutes straight now! He tried to get up on his own tonight to go for a car ride.. he's just.. happy. He's just not able to bear weight on his hind end. We're going to get an xray on Tuesday if we're still good by then. I don't want to lose the faith with this one.

Thanks everyone for your help. In the chance that it is just muscle wasting, I did find a canine hydrotherapy place close by for $12 a session! Also, I did manage to find a number for a highly recommended holistic vet close by too!

Hoping tomorrow brings better news!!
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