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My pigeon story. (regular pig)...worked at a school cafeteria. Noticed a pigeon hanging around in the parking lot, picking up crumbs and such for a few days. Everyday..he came back. Well I decide to "feed " him. I took him a cracker and some bread crumbs. BOY that bird followed me like a DOG would ...and ate every single solitary thing I gave him. And was looking for more. I didnt see any bands on him...and he seemed "ok" , so I left him be.
Next day, same he is again. Well I thought...I'll feed him again I guess. Well imagine my surprise when he TOOK the cracker out of my hand.
Ok...this must be someone's pet . I reacy hed down to see if I could pet him..and he didnt mind it AT ALL>
eventually (long story short)...I could hold him, pet him, ect..for three days straight. Finally realised whoever he belonged to either wasnt feeding him properly, OR he was a really trusting wild one.
I scooped him up and found him an apprpriate bird home (they have pgs , doves, other birds).
"PIGGY" effectionaly named...was a highlight of the day there for awhile.
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