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Want a giggle. Trooper kitty decided he was going to "hunt" hummers the other day. Knowing that likely hood of him actually "catching" one was highly husband just watches him. He sits and watches, then CREEPS up onto a big dog house we have for him for his "outside lounging"...and then he LEAPS at one with no warning , misses the porch rail entirely, and lands on the ground with a "well &$^*" look on his face...shakes it off...walks back up the steps, walks over to a spot on the porch and GLARES at them like "*&^&" hummers...and proceeds to sit there with that annoyed, look on his face for about 10 mins.

I laughed so hard. Kitty not hurt (unless you count pride)..and the hummers were like..."nannie nannie boo boo". Forgot to mention that this is the SECOND time trooper has done this. LOL. Apparently..he's not learned his lesson yet!

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