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Originally Posted by Lacey Marie View Post
My 3 year old toy poodle has been tentatively diagnosed with GME. A type of encephalitis that has no known cause. The only way to diagnose is to have very costly neurological exams ($2500) such as spinal tap etc. Her symptoms; disorientation, fearful of touch, has some difficulty picking up solid food, does well lapping liquids. I now make all her food, vitamins, etc. in a blender. I take her for her walk & she seems disoriented & doesn't want to walk. Before this she was lovable, went to basic obedience school, loved riding in the car, loved her walks & was just a wonderful loving companion. Can anyone share with me any similar challenges or other types of neurological conditions their pet may have encountered. I'm still not sure this tentative diagnosis is what we're dealing with. She is taking prednisone to reduce inflammation. Thanks for any input.
Hi Lacey,

Welcome to the board. I'm so sorry you are going through this. My hubby and I got a puppy last year and he has had SO many issues. I won't get into all of it... I could probably write a novel (and one of our specialists keeps saying she's going to ) with all of the issues he has. His are mostly neurological as well. I still, to this day, don't know if I believe all of the diagnoses he received. I don't think there is any "conclusive" evidence either way.... it's a lot of guessing and narrowing things down from what I have learned. He had his first grand mal seizure at around 8.5 weeks old was diagnosed with meningoencephalitis (ME) at about 3 months old. He then started having many, many other issues and has since been diagnosed with Idiopathic(meaning unknown origin) Eosiniphilic Syndrome(an immune disorder similar to Lupus, neurological and gastro related in his case), EPI, Epilepsy(neurological), Hyperesthesia (neurological), Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Dry Eye), Immune-mediated Hypothyroidism and I'm sure something else here that I am forgetting. They want $2800 just for the MRI here. If I take him down to Washington State University, to the teaching hospital (they saved me $6,000 on surgery to remove a cancerous lung tumor from my other boy, over going to a vet here in Canada) it will be so much more affordable. The teaching hospital want's $1800 for an MRI, CSF tap (spinal tap), full blood and chemistry panels and a full day evaluation with a neurologist. See if there is a teaching hospital in your area. They, along with our regular and holistic vets and chemo therapy,gave us a few more months with our old boy

One thing, did your girl have any recent vaccinations prior to displaying the symptoms? They are quite sure now that some of Nanooks (19 month old Malamute) issues were brought on by vaccinations (not caused by as he probably had bad genes to begin with). The disorientation you mention, we still see that with ours, mainly in the mornings. A good example is yesterday morning. I took him our for a pee and he just seemed a little lost and confused, then he bumped into the back of my car and on the way in to the house, he bumped in to the door jam. He does things like that quite often. Again, it's mainly in the mornings for him (and once in awhile at bedtime). Traditional western veterinary medicine almost killed him (he got internal bleeding from all the drugs, along with joint and muscle damage). We decided to see a holistic vet, who has saved his life, at least for now

I know how difficult and stressful it is when you don't know what's going on, or what to expect. I hope you can find some answers, or at least treatment that will help, if not cure.

Take care, Robyn

P.S. Oh, one more thing... Our babys ME was diagnosed through CSF tap, not MRI.
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