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Gosh..... This sounds awful. I really do love dogs and i think what you have done so far is great. If there is a heaven - your dog will definitely vouch for you and your husband when the time comes. Its no question that you are getting into heaven.

In the meantime... I know this not a cure for cancer, but i assume that he has muscle wastage by now. Try building up the muscle by swimming. If he enjoys it as well, that's an added bonus - just means its something he looks forward to once or twice a week.

When i say swimming, make sure it is controlled i.e. use a hydrotherapy centre that does dog swimming near you.

I have swum dogs for the past 9 years (since 2003) and one thing i found was that swimming helps with kinds of things. It will help with the muscle mass; aerobic element; and finally blood circulation to the heart.

The chlorine also helps with the skin and hair.

Good luck and it really is fantastic what you have done. Without going into something i have developed that does not exist anywhere in the world and that nearly every dog at some stage of their life will need; (and sounding like I'm selling something), if this product which has just been launched was right now in full flow, i would have continued paying for your dogs chemo myself!

Really... well done and please try the swimming and keep us posted

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