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I too am a witness to this virus. Brought home a rescue Sunday night, and something didn't seem right. Monday symptoms began to show up and I thought it was a combination of and new diet. Over night diarreha began with minimal vomiting. Went to Vet's Tuesday to make appt. for first shots and ask for an opinion on my 8 week old pups condition. The pup Luna, continued to get worse over night. When she had a b.m. that smelled like death, I knew it was much more than stress related. The vet on Weds. admitted her immediately and has been there since. Still not eating, though water intake has begun again with no vomiting. Unlit today the vets were not willing to lean one way or the other on her outcome. Today I was informed that unless she takes a turn for the worse tonight and tomorrow I should have her home on Monday. From what I have read about parvo the 5 day timeline for Luna seems consistant.
For the other ones here who have pups fighting this, I have an understanding both emotionally, finanically and what I can only describe as helplessly. I feel helpless and second guess myself often. Then, as someone on here has in their signoff, something about looking in the eyes of a puppy and seeing a soul, and I remember. I'm merely a witness to this. Luna is the one struggling through this. Ya, the vet's bill will be .......extreme, possible $2000.00 and I ask myself "for a dog" ? Yes, for a dog that has a sparkle in it's eye. Here's to the upcoming diet of Kraft dinner and hopeful years of looking at the sparkle in our dogs eye's.
(p.s. a well deserved thank you to the vet's who are there for these dog's)
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