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Well I read up on hand feeding them. It seems simple enough. I sat for about twenty mins closer to the feeder than I normally do. they wouldnt come eat out of it..but they were buzzing around chirping at me and checking me out. i'll keep doing it every day until they decide to feed with me sitting there. .Then i'll get closer and closer until I can actually hold the feeder..and so forth. google it if your curious. Its rather facinating to see pictures of humming birds perched on peoples hands. Course this also means I'll have to SIT STILL , and keep ruby from barking at the screen door cause mom is "away" from her for longer than five mins. LOL

Well after googling. I see we have "five" species coming to eat. We have ruby throated, broad tailed, anna's, magnificents, and lucifers. Not bad for two little ole feeders in the country.

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