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aww...hope he isnt hurt. But I guess..if he does "winter" in your basement..sounds like a place to be . Fruit flies..YUM...ha! How would you get him in there thou? I'm just curious..but I've heard its near impossible to cacth one of those little boogers.
I'm a total moron when it comes to them. I just put the feeders out, and they come.
My mom yells at me that I'm hurting them...because I just do really strong sugar water. I buy the nectar sometimes...but truthfully..they seem to go after the sugar water more than the nectar. So....
I do notice they seem to PREFER it when I put MORE sugar than suggested. Mom says I'm giving them a "drunken" feeling..and they are getting tipsy. I tell mom she's nutty. That they still fly, and are "happy" phewy on her.
I guess I should google and learn about them. Who knows...maybe I'll start collecting humming birds, instead of DACHS. LOL ...(god knows it would be cheaper).

PS: thanks for the time limit rule of thumb. I'll do just that. Right now we still have quite a I'll just keep feeding em as long as they are here .
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