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Well it seems they dissapear for winter time...but that may be because we take the feeders down. My mom insists that they wont go where they are suppose to if I leave them up. But I've read that is a myth so I am completely confused. I dont know weather to leave them up or not? I guess I could leave them up , when it starts getting cold and see what happens. I do have the two feeders that I have up a few feet apart..and they are all buzzing around like bee's. I even have a few fiesty females that have had enough of "turd boy" and have given him a taste of his own medicine this morning. They are more active when it gets evening time (last feeds before sleeping)...and they hang out in our flowering pear tree for the most part.
I thought about getting a third feeder and hanging it from there...but I guess I really want to "watch" thats why I hang them on the porch.
But...given your idea that a few feet apart should solve the problem...I'll stick with what I'm doing. Maybe "turd" boy will eventually realise he's chasing more than feeding.
I have one TEENY TINY little baby boy humming bird coming around. He seems to get picked on by the others. Was so proud of him yesterday when he finally had enough of a rather persistant big female, and whacked her good with his head, and beak. She flew off, and I didnt see "her" again for another 20 mins. HA! I have some , I cant tell the difference between them. But turd boy and baby boy are very striking, so...they stick out.

Hope your "straggler" gets the "push" to go where he's suppose to. LOL
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