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Don't apologize, I don't mind the slight change of course, in fact sometimes I can use it. They both don't do well with the shots, so there you go, on track. Hope her back is better soon. Shadow sometimes flies down the back stairs at our house, and there's about 15. On a good day she makes it fine, on a bad day she trips and falls down several. I'm always terrified she'll fall and break a leg and then it's truly game over. I try not to let her use the back stairs anymore at all, the front door only has 5 much more manageable stairs (solid unlike the rear ones that are open at the back). She doesn't like going up the back stairs at all, if her foot slips it will go out the back of the stair and then she can't get it back. Doxie's worry me with all their back issues to be honest. Well Shadow just had her lunch and has settled in for another nap. Yay.
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