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Humming Birds

Having a really good year with the humming birds. we have up to about fifeteen I'd say. we have two or three different species coming. YAY! But I've noticed that we have one male that is a TURD. He chases everyone off BOTH the feeders. My mom (who is a humm bird fanatic) says to hang one in the front, and one in the back and that will solve the problem.
But I find when we do that...I "miss" seeing them..because when I'm looking at the back...they go to the front, and vise versa.

anyone have any suggestions how I can leave them in the same area, but have "turd boy" not feel so "agressive" and chase em all off?

Also..anyone ever have any luck "hand" feeding them? I want to try it..but not sure if it actually works.
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