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GOOD GIRL SHADOW, serves em right for sticking ya huh!
Hmmm...hope that dosent give ruby any ideas! Think the rabies shot made her sore...she's was kinda wimpering a bit (not her norm). Put a bag of frozen peas (and held her down so she'd tollerate the peas)...and now she's settled. I also gave her her pain pill , as she's had a few bad days with the back lately. She has one calcified disk, and one calcified and slightly bulging disk. I felt like a heel , I let her go "down" the front steps (she RUNS down them at a speed that I've never understood) go potty. I usually pick her up, and I was distracted by the fifeteen or more humming birds buzzing around...and she got down em. Last two days she's been sore.
Got an "ok" to give her an extra rymadyl today. She's better. But kinda like shadow...some days are really "good" and some days are a bit more problematic for her.

I really think about how shadows doing..and although we are not there yet (and hopefully not anywhere near it in the future)..I do think about how one day we'll be where you are. Trying to "decide" when its time to end her "pain".
I get totally blubberish just thinking about I can only "imagine" what your feeling right now.

Ps: sorry. I totally turned the subject into ruby...and this is NOT about ruby. This thread is about shadow. My apologies.
Pet your sweet ole gal for me..and if I was able to ..I'd send her a truck load of chicken.
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