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Stubborn...HA , I know that word too. Ruby's first name is renegade for that reason alone!
Thanks for the well wishes on the vet visit. We had good results on liver enzimes (they check cause of the rymadyl), and our rabies shot. They had to poke her three times instead of just two, because I forgot that when they draw blood from the neck, if ruby can see me she will jump around like an idiot. So..she went to jumping around, and I had to leave out of the room, so she'd behave. (brat).
So...she got poked and extra time because they had to pull out the needle thanks to her jumping...and then restick her when I left the room. She does fine on the leg draw ...but the neck one is more 'tramatic" in her head. NOT because it actually bothers her having the needle. Its having her face held rather tightly by thier over exherbant dog holder . He is really nice, but I want to say..she's not a demon dog, you dont have to clamp her mouth and head so tight. But...its just quicker and less drama , when I step out of the room and let them do it whatever way they do it...then complain, explain, ect.
She then proceeded to burp in the holders face as I was coming back in. serves him right. LOL.
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