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What's wrong with my fish?

Last week, I bought a betta fish. A couple of days later, I got eight tetras and a plecko.

A few days ago, the tetras started dying. The betta was harassing them for a bit, but that calmed down after a day.

Now there are only three fish left. The betta died last night, as well as two of the remaining tetras. I've only got two tetras and the plecko left.

I saw one of the tetras right before it died. It was up near the surface, not moving, on its side, and gasping for breath. I didn't realise it was still alive until I touched it with the net and it moved, but it was more like a spasm than anything else. The betta was the same way before he died. After they died, they all had a sort of algae on them that's also growing on the log I have in there.

What was killing my fish? I don't have the temperature of the water in the tank (I don't have a thermometer sensitive enough yet), but could it be it's too cold for them? Or is it some sort of disease? I'm going to have a water sample tested, but I'd like to know as a starting point what it probably is. Any input would be great.
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