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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
I've had the picky eating thing with Shadow for a while. She'll eat boiled hamburger and rice and somehow manage to pick out the rice and spit it on the floor. Like you, in order to get something into her I finally ended up just giving her the meat and leaving the rice out. Some days she'd eat her kibble with meat, but mostly she'd leave the kibble. She also doesn't like pasta. Right now because of the prednisone she's eating her kibble with Pedigree on it and wolfing it down. Whatever, so long as she's eating (although she's still losing weight). I hope is not bleeding. Thinking of you and hoping that it works itself out and you have some more time.
Thanks DD I know you are waging your own battle with Shadow and wish you all the best.

I added Pedigree beef chunks when he stopped eating the rice because I didn't think he was getting enough food with just beef, liver and a sardine. He will eat it as long as I don't try to hide something in it like his vitamins, he will eat his beef topped with UbaVet and Metacam I guess he likes the taste of them but doesn't like the ground vitamins, or the texture is making him avoid it. I tried adding digestive enzymes to his pedigree the first day which was immediately ignored. I had never given them to him before and I think he is suspicious of any additives in his food now and that's why he won't eat the rice. BTW he did eat the rice with drippings on it last night but later I tried to add the gravy from the pedigree can to it and he would have none of it. He argued with all the cats last night and again today, so he`s not oblivious to his surroundings.

I also wonder if the dark poop is due to the change in diet to meat only and I noticed last night that it was brown on the inside so doesn`t seem that it`s from internal bleeding but something else like maybe the addition of liver back into his food. Will just have to wait and see..

Thanks everyone for your good wishes and kind thoughts for Raggs and I
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