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Clementine is back @ the vet today...
The vet cannot get a large enough stool sample to confirm, but his guess is coccidia. He was able to confirm some other bacteria that begins with a 'C', I didn't understand, we were on the phone.
She is drinking on her own, but not eating. He now believes that she has developed ulcers which would explain the vomitting...
This would also explain the lack of appetite.
I pick her up again tonight, and he instructed me to give her immodium to calm her stomach down, and to force feed electrolytes w/ a meat & rice puree.
The coccidia medicine that he administred this morning should begin to work tomorrow.
My Wife & I have agreed that if we don't see any marked progress in the next 2 days, that we will have to put her to sleep - we will not let her suffer anymore.
This has been one of the most horrible experiences of my life - still hoping for a happy ending, but am beginning to resign myself to the fact that there is a good chance she won't pull through...Poor little girl, so not fair...
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