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Originally Posted by livedust View Post
Back to the vet for more treatment...
Possible coccidia, possible giardia (sp.?), possibly both, if that's possible?
Poor Puppy...& damn the so-called 'rescue' lady we picked her up from...
The bright side is that she has a chance at a nice life - if she is not too damaged to recover...
All things considered - I cannot recall a tougher little canine / feline soul that I ever have come across in my life - she is a true warrior, and a very loved one @ that.
Very possible and likely for both these parasites. Many animals from high traffic dog areas get this. Even in dog parks by the way.
This is very difficult to detect and 'normal' deworming does not kill these off. Not easy to treat, but good to say...treatable.

Best of luck.
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