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Originally Posted by livedust View Post
Back to the vet for more treatment...
Possible coccidia, possible giardia (sp.?), possibly both, if that's possible?
Poor Puppy...& damn the so-called 'rescue' lady we picked her up from...
The bright side is that she has a chance at a nice life - if she is not too damaged to recover...
All things considered - I cannot recall a tougher little canine / feline soul that I ever have come across in my life - she is a true warrior, and a very loved one @ that.
I'm sorry she had to go back again. Though I haven't commented, I have followed along. What a wonderful person you are for taking such good care of this sweet little girl. I hope that whatever her issues are now, they can be easily resolved. She is just gorgeous! And as suggested above, I would be contacting the rescue to see if they can aid you a bit financially.

I understand what you're going through... I have one just ike yours (healthwise). If there is anything he can possibly have, he gets it
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