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Thanks for the reassurances you guys. I appreciate it more than you know. She pants so hard sometimes at night I can't sleep for hearing her.

Can't remember if I mentioned anywhere that she also seems to have lost most of her hearing. That seems to have come up quite quickly, and the vet said it's not uncommon to happen fast. She'll be walking away from me somewhere and when I call her to come back she just keeps on going. It's kinda scary because I don't want her wandingering off where she shouldn't be (like the road). She's always been so obedient, it was obvious to me that she wasn't hearing me. Sometimes it seems she does, but mostly not so much. No reaction when I call her name. That breaks my heart, she can't hear me telling her how much I love her, but I give her lots of cuddles and hugs so she still knows.
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