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Thank you all so much. I really do hope she makes it until Jeff gets home, which I think she will. Her face is a happy face, she didn't poop in the house yesterday or last night - well not since 5:30 am yesterday anyhow. Not sure how the Advil will help her as she just had her first pill this morning. But son is home in 10 days so I think she can do that. He does understand though that if she gets too bad we would not let her suffer. He doesn't want us to do that to her either. But she really doesn't seem to be suffering so much as her body is just giving up on her. She still pants alot, but the vet assures me that it's not uncommon with the prednisone. So I try to convince myself that she's not in pain. I guess in hind sight I could have put her down a few weeks back, but at least now we've tried the alternatives and it hasn't improved her quality of life significantly. Oh well, she's happy for now and snoozing under my desk. Thank you all for your support, I know you are here for us and appreciate it so much. It's so good knowing that you've all been there, and several of you are there with me at the same time with your own (Sylvie and Winston). My thoughts are with all of you as well, I'm as ready as we can be for this I guess, and am waiting for Shadow to tell me when it's time. to you all.
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