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Not a good vet visit for Shadow

Well we were at the vet tonight. He thinks the pred has helped the left side of her body, but the right not so much. He prescribed 100 mg of Advil once a day, and also gave her some medicine to coat her stomach. He did not increase the prednisone. He said the shaking jaw is basically parkinsons disease. He said she will start to wander aimlessly and seem lost, which she actually does sometimes already. There are meds you can give them for it, but he just sorta looked at me and shook his head. We are in agreement that I don't want to put her on 50 different meds.

She also lost 2 pounds again in the past three weeks. Which really surprised me given that she's eating like a horse! Of course she's also pooping like one too - literally - anywhere the urge strikes...

So I guess at this point it's just up to us now when we feel she's had enough of it. It does not appear there is much more to do. I did promise my son that we would do our best to keep her around until he came home from his honeymoon on Sept. 23, so there's that.

Anyhow, all in all, not a great trip to the vet
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