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Too busy! Before breakfast I had to 'crutch' a ewe before she got flyblown, i.e. cut all the wet wool away from around her , umm, posterior , using just scissors, (and, I hasten to add, wearing latex gloves ). If you don't do it the blowflies get after them and they try to hide from them instead of grazing. I can't see the point in asking a shearer to come just for one or two sheep. It's why we are using Dorper rams incidentally, to breed sheep with no wool in the wrong places.

I am so pleased that set of twins arrived okay. I had to get a farmer friend to help deliver a very big single lamb from her last year and it must have hurt her because for weeks or months she strained every now and then like she was going to prolapse. This time two delightful little lambs and it was so easy for her that she delivered the ewe lamb while standing up. I will be glad when lambing is over though so I can concentrate on the garden and dogs again.
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