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need help with 8 month old weimaraner/gsh pointer cross

I'm hoping someone out there can make some suggestions... I have an 8 month old weimaraner/german shorthair pointer cross who seems to have a sensitive tummy I feed my dogs a good quality food, I started him on Canidae when I got him, which my shih tzu eats.. but noticed that his stools were always soft and that he poops 7-8 times a day.. he doesn't seem to be digesting his food? We also noticed that he is very gassy and burps alot and I mean big noisy burps! So, we started on a venture of trying different flavours of canidae.. with no success... then I tried a raw diet.. that brought out some food aggression issues and with kids in the house, that was a no no... so we're now trying Acana Pacifica because I read that fish is easier to diges .. don't see any improvement yet... so, this has been an ongoing issue for the past 3 months... and yes, I did the slow transition between foods over a 7 day period, except a few that I noticed seem to make him worse.. with diarrhea and vomiting after the transition.. for those I just switched him back to what he was on before the change .... anyone have any suggestions as to a good food that may help this situation? or does he need supplements? Thank you
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