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Hi All

Raw food doesn't give dogs stinky breath. In fact, just the opposite.

What you are smelling is coming from your dog's stomach and depending on the smell can, offer you a clue to what is going on.

In extreme cases, smelly breath is a sign of kidney disease or diabetes, and don't kid yourself , there are many dogs that end up with insulin issues because many commercial dog foods are extremly high in sugar ( to make it palatable), and now, all of a sudden, the dog's diet is devoid of sugar.... so you need consider those possibilities.

Your dog could also have exposed plaque now that it's chewing bones, and it's the plaque that you smell.

There is a 10 days adjustment period for the dog's gut, and chances are good that your dog s till isn't producing the correct enzymes to process raw food, but ultimately, this will happen and the smell should go away ( another reason to never mix commercial with raw)

If the smell persists, you should contact your vet.
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