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Anxiety issues -- 8 y.o. Pomapoo (Chico)

Hello again

I posted a while ago about my pomapoo, Chico, having a collapsing trachea and the need to wear a collar/harness to avoid hefty licensing fines should he get out. Thanks to everyone's advice I am now on a semi-successful hunt for a step-in harness. \o/

However, now we are having another minor issue.

Chico lives with my parents, who are doing a major basement renovation. Combine that with some wicked wind storms and all the noise has poor Chico in a bit of a constant stage of anxiety. He is very clingy, and doesn't like being far from anyone if they are home. He isn't destructive or messing when he is left alone (thank goodness) but he does sometimes throw up if he is home alone all day. My parents do all the work themselves so we don't have people in all day or anything.

Until the renovation is done and the noise stops, is there anything we can do to help him not be so anxious?
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