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Hi everyone,

Lady has torn her dew claw AGAIN! This time right down to the nub.

We are dog sitting my step-son & DIL's big dog (wolf, Bouvier de Flanders & GSD cross, aka "Mount Currie Special", in our neck of the woods) so G-man took both the dogs bushwacking on Saturday. He thinks Lady tore her claw when they were crossing one of our many creeks and she slipped off the log and tried to climb back on.

We cut away all the fur in the area, disinfected with Detol solution, painted some of the Nexcare cracked skin sealer on the exposed quick and wrapped it in gauze and athletic tape. We check it every 2 days to make sure it's not infected. Is there anything else we should be doing?

Can anyone tell me how long it will take for the claw to grow back? Also, will the claw grow around the exposed quick? Or will I have to wait until the claw has some length and do what the vet did last time. He cut off the torn portion of the claw and used powdered alum (I think) to stop the bleeding.

I checked Lady's other dew claw and trimmed it 1/2mm at a time until I got a tiny drop of blood and then I stopped. Her claws are black, so that's the only way I can tell if I've trimmed off enough. However, that still leaves over 1cm of claw exposed, for sure enough to get caught on something, especially since she's small and close to the ground.

Looks like I'll have to set up some consultation appointments with the local vets and see if amputating Lady's dew claws is a viable option. I hate the idea of the operation, but she's a young dog, only 3-1/2 years old and has lots of "bushwacking" days ahead of her. I'm worried that she will end up damaging her tendons and ligamets if we don't do something.

Any suggestions, comments or sympathy would be sincerly appreciated.
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