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Vet said that a blood panel may not show if cancer is there. I wold like to try.

I honestly thought that her stomach would get better. She'd start eating on her own. I'm not meaning small little chunks and turn her nose up to it, but eating the whole can of food.

She isn't eating on her own at all. It's all syringe. She would have gotten better by now, right? Maybe take a few weeks to get her appetite back to normal, then she'd eat on her own.

All she does is sleep. We get her out to go the bathroom, drink and eat.

This went from slight limping> the accident> more limping> blood in urine> antibiotics> sick and not eating> losing weight, CRI> eating from syringe perking up> another antibiotic to treat supposed infection> sick again> to this.

Is that how it happens?! One little trigger and she's down? She was doing great. We saw signs of arthritis but didn't know it was this bad. NO signs of cancer.

They're talking about putting down in about a week, maybe less. Is there cause for hope, or am I grabbing at straws?
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