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I'm posting here in hopes I can find an answer. My 7 year old english bull dog has lost 26 lbs since Jan 2010. She's losing her hair. Vomiting and liquid stool then hard stool. She was tested today and due to her low protein level .8 she has fluid build up around her lungs. We are taking her to have an ultra sound tomorrow.

Vet says it's either severe IBD or lymphoma. If it's lymphoma there is nothing they can do other than make her comfortable until we choose to help her pass. If it's severe IBD they will treat it with steroids (which she's been receiving via injections to keep her from vomiting and her stool problems) and chemo medication... I assume the chemo meds will kill off the cell in her intestinal tract that is causing the inflammation and the steroids will bring the inflammation down.

I hope this helps someone else and would appreciate any word from you if a better treatment is found for your furbabies.

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