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LOL@ you cancelling your lamb dinner. It can do that to people.
Had a bad one to deliver this morning, DD, a real tight fit. It was one of last year's lambs, the one in Zara's thread, sitting up like a dog to help ease the discomfort her lamb was causing - and it was a single big ram lamb, not twins as I hoped. So, all I could see was two toes. I'm getting better at simple deliveries though, and anything where there is feet to get hold of, and a head to steer is easy (except for the force and manipulation required). Straightforward might be a better word for it than easy. Just don't know if I could go in and try and untangle twins. The noise the ewe makes to her new lamb is just beautiful, like a soft chuckling sound. It sure beats foaling down TB mares anyway, that can be awfully traumatic if things go wrong.
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