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Ever since that episode of barfing on the 2nd Raggs has been causing me no end of problems with his food. Of course I removed that FreshPet from his treat load and bought some Rollover beef that he's always liked.

For several days he refused to eat other than pick the meat out of his bowl and eat it. I then started giving him 1 1/8" slice of rollover broken into tiny pieces and thrown into his bowl between bites. He picked out the rollover but would not eat any part of the rice or other ingredients I mix into it. He would still only eat meat. After trying different ways of giving it to him: rice on the bottom of the food pile, meat on top, rice to the side, rice only without the other ingredients, with meat on top etc etc etc. I had also added digestive enzymes to his meat, but as soon as he tasted it, he wouldn't touch the meat.

I was getting really frustrated because he definitely wasn't getting enough food because he was acting hungry after his meals. When I mixed all the different meats together he picked out each one and didn't eat a lot of it. Finally 2 days ago, I decided to eliminate the rice completely from his diet along with the digestive enzymes and separated the meat into little piles around his bowl and 1 sardine by itself. He ate absolutely everything...gobbled is more like it so I have kept this up for 5 meals now and he's eating without any problem. He is getting his liver, ground beef, ground chicken and a sardine (with his crushed vitamins, UbaVet and Metacam on top once a day) every meal and seems to like it. He is also getting a 1/8" slice of rollover as his only treat at night.

So I have no idea what is going on, he's peeing, pooping and eating now but still won't touch the rice by itself or when mixed with the usual things like ground flaxseed, vitamins and beef stock with water. He is still hungry after his meals and gives me the most unforgiving looks afterwards. I think I am giving him enough food for his weight.

I keep wondering if he is trying to tell me it's time to make 'the decision' with this forced change in his diet. Though he does seem happy with his all meat/fish diet. Has anyone run into this kind of problem with a senior before?
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