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So I have a new question now about Shadow's behaviours and health. Last year one day when she was in DH's jeep for a couple hours on the way home her face was vibrating for lack of a better word. Her bottom jaw was just shaking up a storm and she looked like she would have a heart attack. It would stop when I was petting her, but otherwise she was shaking up a storm. I put it down to nerves as she doesn't like the jeep.

In the last few days though I've noticed her doing this more often. One day we were just sitting outside and the neighbours daughter was there and the mom said Shadow was shaking. On Saturday we were driving to a friends house and again her lower jaw was shaking. Then last night while we were all out together at a neighbour's house, her jaw was shaking. No real stress factors for her in the more recent episodes.

I'm not connecting this to the prednisone seeing as it happened a long time ago as well, but curious if anybody has had this with their dog. It really bothers me when she does it. It stops as soon as I start to pet her, but starts again when I stop.

Anyhow, I'll be asking the vet about it. Since increasing her pred. the other day I have not really seen the improvement I would expect. She was having a great deal of trouble with stairs on Saturday, and had a poop accident in the house last night (which was no big deal, she has never been good at waking me at night). She still seems to stumble quite easily when we're walking, which sometimes she wants to do and sometimes she doesn't. Should I be asking the vet about increasing the dosage? She's taking 5 mg at breakfast and 5 mg at dinner. I guess I was just hoping for a more dramatic improvement, and I could just be out to lunch with my expectations. The improvement was so drastic when I first put her on it, I guess maybe it got my hopes up too high and I should just be happy with what we've got. But I can't help but wonder if increasing it would help more...
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