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Stage 3 Kidney failure in 14 month GerShep

Hello all,
New member here trying to exhaust all available resources. I have an absolutly beautiful 85lbs German shepherd 14 month old. He has become a large part of my life. My last 2 Shep's lived over 14 years and had hoped to have this guy for at least ten. Anyways have had problems with urine leakage since he was 5-6 months. My vet said it was behavior and age. Boy was he wrong. After about 8 months of our current vet passing this problem off we went and got a second opinion. Blood work shows that he is in stage 3 kidney failure. I will post the blood results if that would help anyone with sugestions. According to the ultrasound it looks like his kidneys are underdeveloped and maybe damaged(6-7cm). Titan was 80lbs at 6months had gone as high as 88 but was down to 78 before we changed his diet a few weeks ago when we found all this out(he is 81 now and the new vet does not want him any skinnier). His protien and creatin levels are good. He also has an enlarged blatter and pee tube(causes the leaking?)If anyone has any experiance with this or diet suggestions or a way to help stop the leaking please post as I am interested in doing anything. Any ideas on life quality expectancy or general advice. I will try to get more specific info when I get ome and post his levels when I can. We have started him on some natural suppliments and changing his diet to home made low phosphate and lower protien as well as sarting hydrotherapy at least once a day. Thank you to anyone who posts back. I should mention his energy levels are fine and without the bloodwork and weight loss and leakage he looks and acts perfectly healthy.
Thanks in advance Titan and Garrett
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