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Originally Posted by jweiss View Post
There have been times in the past where it was simple dehydration,
What does Bianca eat?

Originally Posted by jweiss View Post
I'm going to take her in to the vet regardless - better safe than sorry! -
Don't let them prescribe antibiotics unless there's clear reason to do so (ie, she has a diagnosed infection, not just a presumed one). Vets tend to be a little slap-happy with them and they often cause more problems then they're supposedly treating (like inappetance, anti-biotic resistant bacteria, etc).

Originally Posted by jweiss View Post
On a side note -- am I missing something about the Humane Society? I've always had the impression that they were a great organization...
Some are better than others. Looks like the Wisconsin one is pretty good, but even the best 5 star accommodations are going to be incredibly stressful to a cat that's been displaced from it's home. They're noisy, crowded, full of strange smells, strange animals, strange people. A cat's worst nightmare, basically.
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