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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
...I found when I licked my fingers after giving him pieces of it that the meat tasted spicey and one orangey-red piece that I dug out of it tasted very spicey to me and I thought it was a piece of red pepper, but nothing like that definitely is not mentioned among the ingredients on the label. I didn't give it to him last night and because of my back can't get to a store to buy some rollover for him. I had already decided I wasn't giving it to him again, though he seemed to really like it. Our Global does not accept returns, nor does it carry rollover other than this crap now. I am a bit hopeful that this is what upset his stomach and my fears of progression of the cancer are unfounded at present.
I too hope it was the food!

How strange on the food, NOT good! I really hate it when you have to change what is working because the stores change what they carry or they start processing it differently. I hope that you found something that is working now.
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