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Cat behavior suddenly changed

I have 2 cats and one dog, all get along fine. The cats are litter mates with very different personalities. Daisy, aka fat cat, is a loving, not very adventurous gal, she mostly likes to sit on my lap, purr, and sleep. She has only ventured half way to the end of our lot and she has never been out at night, all in all a very shy and quiet cat, until today. When I got home from work she was running around on high alert, her back was spasamming, and she runs up the stairs, down the stairs and seems happiest in dark corners by herself. She tried to sit on my lap but jumped down very quickly, claws out for better jumping traction, ouch! She now sits for a few minutes on the floor next to me or my husband and then off like a terror. I've petted her everywhere and she has no injuries, she ate her dinner as usual. She is twitchy, on the lookout, ears always moving, darting and it almost looks as if she is crawling or scrunched down. Could something have scared her earlier on? She has been like this for about 5 hours...any ideas?
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