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Buprenex is stronger than morphine, correct? We've tried morphine before and it did nothing for her, the poor thing.

She's sleeping for most of the day, and we're worried about that. We feed her by hand -syringe, spoon etc.-, and help her if she needs it to the bathroom and water.

I can't help but assume she's sleeping more due to the pain. The doc mentioned Metacam, but won't put her on it because it can hurt the kidneys. But he didn't mention anything else besides Cosequin. I'll be phoning him tomorrow to see what we can give her. She looks miserable.

I'm also worried about how thin she's gotten in the last month and a half. I can feel her spine. We started noticing it when she wasn't eating a lot awhile back.

Question: How can you tell if food is in her lungs? I'm just being over cautious, but I'd like to know. And how can we tell if she is giving up, or her kidneys are getting worse? If she is, is there anything we can do?

Thank you for all the help.
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