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Amputated dog toe

Hi. My 9 year old Belgium malnois had surgery today to remove her toe. She was diagnosed with arthritis and I kept questioning it. I had her front leg x-rayed and still didn't agree with vet. Her toe nail on the right foot had been growing and we couldn't cut it because the quick and nail were at same place. She was not using her right leg at all. We were laying in bed and I noticed the pad was a different color. Then i looked up on google and there are three causes of a discolored paw pad. Lupus, distemper or cancer of toe. By the time I got the vet to listen her toe was so swollen with a large bump. The vet x-rayed pawed and she had surgery. I am so glad they have websites and ask a vet. Sometime question the vet mine listened and helped my Sierra. She is resting now.
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