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Well I'm back, and I wish I wasn't other than to say thank you all for the help.

Tobi still isn't eating on her own. We're still syringe feeding her, sometimes she'll eat from a spoon. She's still sleeping most of the day. She'll get up on her own, with a lot of stumbling due to the nerve damage, to go the bathroom and get water. We noticed she went the bathroom on the edge of her box she always sleeps in. When my mom helped her get into her kitty litter about an hour ago, she didn't hear Tobi go the bathroom, it just came right out of her.

My mom was worried so she phoned the vet. The nurse said that it isn't a good sign, and that she may be losing her bodily function. They recommended another antibiotic. Tobi was fine eating before she went on the first one, then she lost her appetite, same thing happened with the second antibiotic about 2-weeks ago.

She has difficulty walking because of the spinal arthritis and the nerve damage, which cut off most of the nerves in her leg hind leg. I can understand why she couldn't get to the bathroom in time. We often help her to it. I understand why she's had diarrhea for a while and messed herself, and recently stopped going a few days ago (being constipation).

But I don't know what our options are right now. Everyone is talking about putting her down, and I can't give up on her. But I don't know what to do. Is it the insufficiency that is making her go the bathroom anywhere besides her littler box? Is she not eating on her own because of the antibiotics that are still in her system? Am I fighting a losing battle?

p.s. she has also gotten very bony in the last month, which I understand because she doesn't move around a lot and she wasn't eating a lot since she threw up a while back. We should be worried about this, correct?
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