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Sounds like my Sundance too. He is 6 about age 4 he took a disliking to the dog. That was after 4 years together. The last few years he doesn't like any body but me and sometimes if I walk to close to him I get hissed at too. Medically he is fine except for feline herpes. He also reacts extremely to neighbor critters he sees through the window. I just assume he is a bully who does not like anyone. But I love him anyway. Best of luck.
"The cat is the mirror of his human's mindů the dog mirrors his human's physical appearance." -Winifred Carriere
"A dog is the only thing that can mend a crack in your broken heart" -Unknown
When a Cat adopts you there is nothing to be done about it except to put up with it until the wind changes. TS Elliot
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