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Originally Posted by livedust View Post
Interesting, I never came across any info about worm infestations causing false positive tests...
The foster / rescue lady that we adopted from de-wormed her right in front of me before we took her home. This was Aug.31st. The next day she had 2 bowel movements w/ very obvious round worms present, I mean loaded...Do you think this is possibly what happened to her? I know she had her 1st shot on Aug.28, I confirmed this w/ the vet who gave it to her. My vet told me that the fact she had the shot most likely made it worse for her as he believes that the virus was already present. Regardless, she was /is, very sick - but I'm now wondering if worms were the suspect...Do you know of any way to find out for sure after the fact? My gut feeling tells me that it may have been both, is that possible?
Thanks again, you folks have made this ordeal much more comforting.
P.S. - my vet told me earlier this evening that he believes that Clementine has passed the critical period & is now slowly beginning to heal - I can't wait to have her home, she is a special little girl!
Some of the worms and parasites are not visually seen. Tests must be done specifically for giardia and coccidea (spelling...) as they are only seen under a microscope. And yes, false positives can and do happen. I have removed dogs from shelters where they tested positive. Once I got them out and into vet clinics the positive results had nothing to do with parvo, but a worm infestation.

So glad to hear your pup is recovering.
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