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My vet said restricted activity for two weeks. That was "fun". But Our dach had problems from the start with it. They put him in his "wake up" spot and in a matter of mins he worked himself over , upon waking up. (licking, chewing, rubbing ect). They slapped a "lamp shade" on him..and when I picked him up was warned not to take it off of him unless we were supervising. get him home, take it off to let him drink , because he was dying for water and couldnt figure out how to drink with it on (he's kinda goofy that way). INSTANTLY he goes for the spot.
So...back on it went.
Then he started ozzing and bleeding which they told me to watch for. BACK to the vet we go. They look and say....he's licked himself down to the sticthes. I said what sticthes , i though you glued him. He said...No...the INTERNAL stitches.
So..he got a shot , and it got cleaned up and he was sent back home "WITH LAMP SHADE".
We had to keep him restricted and with the shade on for THREE WEEKS total.
He finally healed up, and stopped trying to bite at it.

so..with us having problems...the time may have been altered for that. But personally, if I were in your situation, I'd take him in. The worst is your out some cash for them to tell you he's fine.. But ...better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck, hope he's back to himself soon
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