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Hazel, it is possible that she's just fatigued, although I have tried to keep her doing short walks daily so her muscles keep moving. Even if that means taking a break halfway through our walks. I'll keep her on the 5 mg in the morning and half of that at night for now and see where we go. So far no more wetting in the bedroom, but I do have to wake her in the middle of the night and put her out just to be safe. Hazel, the heat here right now would explain the panting at home, but at work we're air conditioned and she still pants frequently, so that concerns me.

Sylvie, thanks for the support. I know her dose is low, so I sometimes wonder if it was higher if she'd have better results. Right now I'm kind of torn on whether I'm seeing enough results. Yes it's better than it was with the metacam, but I still think she could improve some, and I'm not looking for a 10 year old dog.

Red Shasta, so glad to hear that Tiece is doing well. I have a fond spot for Shiba's. I think they're wonderful little dogs. My second dog was called Sheba and our trainer bred Shiba's. Good luck to your boy with his allergies, my lab has them also, but not so bad that she needs pred.

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