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Hey ladies. Shadow had a good night. I had to drag her (literally) to the door to put her out at 2:00 during the night, but she went and pee'd and then was good until I had to drag her for a walk this morning at 5:45 am. She doesn't like mornings apparently. Can't say I blame her. She did her business immediately on going outside and then didn't want to go any further, however, she had no choice as we had to go on until Halo went. It was a short walk. Can't say if Shadow was more stiff, or just not interested. She had a hard time jumping into the car this morning, then at lunch time she just put her front feet into the car and sat down. I had to lift her hiney into it. Later when we got back in the car she just launched herself in. So now I'm very confused! She had the half pill last night at dinner and a full pill this morning. Will keep with the half pill for a few more days and see. Other than that she's just sort of coasting along. Not too interested in anything other than eating nowadays.

GF, Shadow will only sleep in our room at night. Unfortunately now with company here we keep the bedroom door closed, so she can't even wander into the tiled kitchen where the outside door is to make her mistakes. Last time (before company) that she had the runs she pooped right in front of the door, so I know she wanted out, but couldn't wake me up. No pens for my girls! Am thinking I may lay a large plastic under her bed just in case.
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