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I read somewhere that with that food, you'd be better off feeding her the bag!! I think it was on the dog food analysis site. Just google dog food analysis and you'll get the link, can't remember if it's .com or .net! Alot depends on how much you want to spend, but I'm of the thinking spend a bit more on what your dog eats and you'll for the most part spend less at the vets!

Rawhide can bind up some dogs or give them the runs. Liver treats are fine but if the dog's not used to liver then they can get the runs as well. Liver is perfectly fine I eat it too!! Not the dried stuff though, I prefer mine cooked!

The main ingredients to stay away from in dog is CORN! Wheat, soy, all can cause allergies in dogs and aren't necessary at all. Right now I'm in the process of switching my dog to Blue Buffalo Wilderness from Costco's Kirkland especially after I realized they weren't as highly rated as they used to be. It shouldn't cost much to feed your dog, even on the really good stuff. Some say to not go too high on the protien unless the dog is getting alot of exercise. Oh and don't bother asking your vet what to feed, no doubt they'll say oh you really should be feeding what they carry which is overpriced floor sweepings!! LIkely a Hill product which once again the bag would likely be better for her to eat!
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