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Clementine has Parvo...

Our little girl, Clementine, is a 10 week old Lab / Border Collie who was just diagnosed w/ parvo. As a 1st time dog owner, I wasn't even aware of this nasty 'plague' - shame on me...
All circumstances aside, both my Wife & I had a 'feeling' something was wrong the day we got her - she looked right through me & I made an emotional decision to take her. In retrospect, as hard as it is now, I am happy we took her as she would not have had a chance living where she was. I don't think she much of a chance right now, but at least she was loved for a few days & I am trying to remain positive & hopeful.
She is currently at the vet on IV, and fighting very hard.
She had her 1st bloody stool overnight, but has also shown positive signs - heart is in good shape so far, she is standing up, holding her head up & her eyes are much clearer then they have been...
Has anyone seen a puppy survive this horrible disease?
Any opinions on vet treatment vs. home? The thought of her being all alone there is killing me...
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