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Post Putting a 14 year old cat on a diet:tips

Mittens, my 14 year old cat, is getting heavy. This is when I realized time for a diet. I know, I know. This could be hard. But anyway, I have some ideas. 1. Decrease they're food. I know it seems obvious but, you've got to realize how much your feeding your cat then decrease it by at least half. Here's a question you MIGHT ask. "How much am I really feeding my cat?" . Anyways, to figure that out, put the food in the bowl or whatever you put it in. BUT before giving it to your cat, look IN the bowl and think "How much of it is half?" Then take the half out and give it to your cat. Now you decreased your cats' food. 2. Keep them active. Now this one isn't as obvious. But to keep them active, is hard at an old age. For outside cats, I suggest getting a cat post with some toys attached and keep them leashed up near the cat post. Here's ANOTHER QUESTION YOU MIGHT ASK.
"What if my cat is not used to a leash?". I know how to though! . Just like a dog, you train them to get used to a leash right? You'll do exactly the same with your cat! Now for inside cats, I suggest getting cat toys to play with. To get them into the vibe of playing with a toy, get one that looks like a mouse or a bird. That will make your cat happy.. That's all the tips I really have. I'll come back soon and more tips to make your cat healthy!
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