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Acana is a great food, it is part of our rotation. However, our dog (contrary to what others may experience) does not do well on the grain free foods. Remember that a lot of them substitute potatos for grains and I suspect the Acana grain free may have been rather potato heavy. We also noticed her coat was less shiny and a little rougher (plus she actually shed) on the Acana grain free, but nice, soft and no shedding on the regular Acana.

As long as the grains are "good grains" that help digestion - eg: oats, barley - and not bad grains that just spike their glycemic index - corn, wheat - your dogs should be fine on either grain free or high quality grain inclusive.

We also feed Canidae as part of the rotation. It seems to agree with our dog the best, but Acana is also very good (just the regular adult Acana - the Blue Bag).

We've also fed TLC with decent results (the internet order one) but we noticed a higher poop count and i have an issue with the their business practices giving kickbacks to breeders who tie their health guarantee to feeding TLC. My breeder does not do that, but the breeders get a kickback for every bag you buy, so the health guarantee tie in basically means breeders get free food. No better than Hills or Royal Canin giving kickbacks to vets, IMO.

We tried Royal Canin as per vet's advice and it worked fantastic for a while, but the dog eventually just turned her nose up at it.

The Performatrin in my opinion does not stack up for the price they are charging. It is a decent food but for the same money you can get Wellness, Merrick, etc. For less you can get the regular Acana or Canidae ALS. Performatrin ultra seems like a good food but overpriceed for what you get, in other words (but since PetValu sells it, that itsn't a surprise, given they are generally more expensive than their competitors on everything anyway)

So currently she is finishing a bag of Canidae ALS - a great food at a very good price. Next we are planning on giving Merrick a go as friends with a goldendoodle from the same breeder have great luck with it. Then back to the get the idea. Bark and Fitz' free bag doesn't depend on brand loyalty like other places, so we just rotate among what is on their shelves. My dog has an iron stomach so it doesn't seem to matter to her.
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